Campsite Bear Safety Checklist

Campsite Bear Safety Checklist

Campsite Bear Safety Checklist 

As we enjoy the final days of summer camping season, our bear neighbours are out and about preparing for their winter getaway. Parks and trails have seen more and more bear encounters, especially around campgrounds, where food and treats can be found. 

Here are a few campsite bear safety tips to consider when setting up for your nature stay.

Setting Up Your Campsite

Consider the location of your campsite. If possible, camp away from wildlife trails, bodies of water, shrubs and berry patches. Leave a bit of space between all the equipment on your site to provide enough room if a bear gets caught up in curiosity in your space and needs to escape. 

Use portable electric fencing to secure your animals and your campsite. 

Food and Storage 

Keep your campsite clean. Always store food out of reach of bears. Store food and anything else that can attract a bear (food, toiletries, pet food) in airtight containers and keep them at least 100 metres from your sleeping area. 

Use bear-resistant storage lockers when available or the trunk of your car. Never store food in the tent or tent-trailer where you are sleeping. If bear-resistant storage lockers are not available, hang stored food from a tree. 

Never abandon, bury or partially burn food scraps. Bears have an excellent sense of smell and will be able to find your scraps. Store garbage in plastic bags and dispose of them in bear safe garbage bins. Use dried foods if possible. They have less odour than fresh or canned foods.

Never cook or eat in or near your tent. Cook downwind from your sleeping area and wash cooking utensils after using them. Dispose of dishwater at least 100 metres downwind from your campsite.


Activity at Your Campsite

Remember to use your flashlight when moving around your campsite in the evening. Keep your animals and pets nearby. 

Have bear spray nearby and ready to use. 

Bear Encounter Tips

Bears are working extra diligently this time of year to put on their winter calories. That means more possible  bear encounters when you’re enjoying the great outdoors. Be prepared by knowing what bear safety products to bring along and how to use them. 

What to do if you encounter a bear? Read more on our blog. 

The Bear Necessities Holster Kit

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