About Us

Kodiak Wildlife Products ships across Canada and is located in beautiful Alberta, Canada where our backyard is a mecca for those working and playing in the outdoors.  Hiking, biking, fishing, hunting, climbing...you name the outdoor pursuit, we do it here.  The Canadian Rockies are famous for our unique mountain landscapes and vast wilderness.

Visiting the Rocky Mountains means you have your fair share of encounters with potentially dangerous wildlife.  Some experiences are pleasant and some a little too close for comfort.

Kodiak Wildlife Products was founded in 2000 to fulfill a need by providing wildlife safety products to individuals and organizations enjoying recreation and working in the outdoors.  At the time of our founding, wildlife safety products such as bear spray was difficult and expensive to obtain.  Kodiak pioneered importing and distributing these products to retail locations across Canada.

Kodiak has specific products, services and training for companies to ensure their employees are safe when working in the outdoors.  We believe that an essential part of worker safety in the field is having the knowledge and tools to deal with wildlife encounters.

Our passion is the outdoors.  We believe being in the outdoors whether for work or play is part of a fulfilling life.  Our goal is that our products and services foster this connection by providing safety and peace of mind.

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