Red Tru Flare Signal Flares - 6 pack

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Long range signaling can let others know where you are and how you are doing. Cell phones can lose reception, get wet or run out of batteries often when you are heading outdoors. And really, how many of us have a backup radio or satellite phone?

Tru Flare Signal Flares are insurance to make sure you can signal when technology may let you down. Use these flares to attract attention, communicate location, and signal distress.

Red is widely accepted as the distress flare while the green, white and silver colors can be used for signaling or locating between individuals or group. The flare cartridges are visible for up to 3 km during the day and an impressive 12km at night.


  • 15mm center fire cartridge works with Tru Flare Launchers
  • Packaged in 6 per box
  • Flare colours: red, green, white
  • Travels approx 46m (150ft)
  • 5000 CD brightness
  • Water resistant
  • Cartridge weight: 9g (0.3oz)
  • Cartridge size: Length- 3.4cm (1.3") Diameter- 1.1cm (0.4") 
  • Burn time 4.5 - 6 seconds  
  • Visibility Range Daytime: 2-3 km (1.3-1.9 miles) 
  • Visibility Range Night: 10-12 km (6.2-7.4 miles) 

English SDS sheet Red Flares

French SDS sheet Red Flares