Tru Flare 12 Gauge Comet Flare Ammunition

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Having the ability to turn your firearm into a long range signalling device is a great compliment to your safety in the outdoors.

The Tru Flare 12 Gauge Comet Flares give you the ability to get someone's attention from a distance. When fired the red flare launches 60m (200ft) with a sparkling tail that is great for determining the location of the flares origin.

A favorite of hunters, farmers, conservation officers or anyone who uses a firearm into the outdoors.


  • For use with 12 gauge, open choke shotguns only
  • 2 3/4 shell
  • Packaged in 5 per box
  • Travels vertically approx 60m (198ft)

English SDS sheet

French SDS sheet