Tru Flare 02CA Kit

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The 02CA Kit is our basic combination kit that can be used for animal deterrent and signaling.

Outfitting the Pen Launcher with a Bear Banger provides effective animal scarring while keeping you safe from a distance. Commonly used on bears, cougars, coyotes, birds, elk and other animals.

Need to get someones attention? This kit includes 3 flare cartridges (red, green and white) that are visible for up to 3 km during the day and an impressive 12km at night.

If you are going to pack something for the wilderness it's valuable to have multiple purposes and the 02CA Kit covers the basics of scaring and signaling.


  • Kit includes 1 Thumb Launcher, 3 flares (red, green, white) and 2 BearBanger
  • 15mm center fire cartridges 
  • Thumb leaver firing and spring loaded