Record Single Shot Pistol, Bear Bangers and Starter Blanks

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Everything you need to use your Record Pistol and Bear Bangers.  The pistol requires 6mm (.22cal) Starter Blanks and Record Shells (15mm) to be used.  See instructions below.  Starter blanks are used to ignite the Bear banger shells used in the Record Pistols.

The 15mm Record Banger Shell is your way to alert or scare bears, birds, coyotes, cougars and other wildlife before they get too close for comfort. 

Once fired the Record Banger Shell leaves a trails of white smoke and travels for 27-37m (90-120ft) before exploding with an impressively loud bang.

The Single Shot Record Launcher is great for those who use animal scaring products often. 


  • Durable construction Record Single Shot pistol in safety orange color
  • 100 6mm (.22cal) starter blanks and 50 Record Banger shells (15mm)
  • Travels 27-37m (90-120ft) before exploding
  • Cartridge weight: 7g (0.3oz)
  • Cartridge size: Length- 5.7cm (2.2") Diameter- 1.4cm (0.6")

Record Bangers SDS sheet

French - Instructions on how to use the Record Pistol

English - Instructions on how to use the Record Pistol