Kodiak Wildlife Deterrent Horn (Klaxon)

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This horn is so small that it can fit in the palm of your hand (just 12cm tall) and yet so loud that it produces a 112dB of noise that can be heard from a kilometer away.

With the Kodiak Wildlife Deterrent Horn, you can alert wildlife of your presence from a distance and either prevent a surprise encounter or deter wildlife with the loud noise. The horn can double as a signal horn for letting others know your location or signalling distress. Compact, lightweight and works with the simple push of a button.


  • Operates with a simple push button
  • Horn contains 12, 2 second blasts
  • 100% ozone safe and non-flammable
  • Can be heard up to 0.8km (0.5mi) on land and 1.6km (1mi) on water
  • Horn size: Height- 12.1cm (4.75")
  • Net Wt: 1.5oz, 42.5g, 35ml


    English SDS sheet 

    French SDS