Field Treatment for Bear Spray - Soothe and Cleanse

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DECON Cleanse & Soothe, decontaminates and prevents reactivation of chemical agents such as bear spray and dog spray on the skin's surface.


SABRE DECON provides an effective two-step decontamination process.

Cleanse – Step I, removes bear or dog spray from the skin’s surface, and cleanses spray ingredients that have been absorbed into the outer layer of the skin preventing further penetration over the skin surface area.

Soothe – Step II moistens the skin treated first by Cleanse – Step I, dramatically reduces the effects of chemical agents and facilitates a much faster and comfort­able recovery.

SABRE DECON eliminates spray reactivation which commonly occurs with exercise or bathing.

Field Treatment

  • 4 ounce bottle
  • Compact size

Item #: SD-40