Bear Safe Insider - Bear Resistant Food Storage Container


Keep your food safe on long hikes.

Easy to pack, more comfortable to carry—Designed in consultation with hiking experts to provide superior comfort and portability for long–range hikes


  • Easy for you to open— A locking mechanism that's easy for you to open, but tough for the bear

    • Keeps food fresh in and odors out—Water/air tight gasket locks in freshness and prevent odors that attract bears

      • Keeps bears out— Polycarbonate materials and smooth design offer no ridges for bear to get its claws into

        • Easy to locate— High contrast orange color is visible from a distance

          Bear Safe Insider Specifications


          Capacity: - 3.13 gal / gal — 11.86 L — 734.64 Cubic Inches

          Material(s): - Polycarbonate

          Dimensions: – 9.21” x 6.02” x 18.91”
          Weight: – 3.0 lbs.

          Item #: FBS-100

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