Waterproof Bear Banger Case w/ 6 bangers & pen launcher

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Let's face it. Anything can happen to your gear when outdoors. From the elements to unexpected impacts, your essential gear needs to be protected and stored properly.

This feature packed case keeps your Bear Bangers, Flares and Launcher in one safe and dry place.  

The hard plastic case is durable, waterproof and easily attached to your person or gear via the belt clip or carabiner.  The reflective sticker on the back can also be used in case of emergency as a signalling device.


  • 6 Bear Bangers
  • Pen launcher - thumb style (colors of pen launcher will vary)
  • Durable, waterproof case
  • Belt clip and carabiner for easy attachment
  • Lock-down safety stop for launchers firing pin
  • Fits any Tru Flare Cartridges
  • Fits pen launcher 
  • Length: 6", Width: 3.5", Height: 1.5"