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Bear spray and wildlife safety products are only as useful as your ability to access them quickly when needed. 

The Bear Necessities holster KIT is a tough nylon holster that comes with:

  • Bear Necessities Holster
  • Frontiersman or Sabre 1% 225g bear spray
  • 42.5g Kodiak Wildlife Deterrent Horn
  • 2 Tru Flare Bearbangers
  • Tru Flare Pen launcher

Horizontal and vertical velcro straps allow you to have more versatility as to where you carry your bear spray so it's quick to use.  It can be strapped to your backpack straps or loops or onto your belt.  Keeping bear spray quickly accessible is critical for wildlife safety.


  • 225g 1% Frontiersman or Sabre Wild Max 1% bear spray
  • Tough nylon material
  • Vertical and horizontal nylon loops with velcro closure for easily attaching to belt or backpack
  • Side pocket that can be used to carry your wildlife horn or extra bear bangers or flares
  • 9.5"x4.5"x2.25" & 1.2 lbs fully loaded w/ 225g bear spray, 2 bangers, pen launcher and horn.  Want it smaller, substitute the horn for extra flares/bangers for a food bar
  • SKU: KH-003 KIT

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Bear Spray SDS Sheet

Bangers SDS Sheet

Horn SDS Sheet