Bear Safe Insider - Bear Resistant Food Storage Container

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Keep your food safe on long hikes.

Easy to pack, more comfortable to carry—Designed in consultation with hiking experts to provide superior comfort and portability for long–range hikes


  • Ideal Packability - Sleek, tapered design easily fits inside with other trail gear in bags 45L or larger

  • Higher Capacity Storage - 11.86L/734.64 cubic inches

  • Easy for you to open— A locking mechanism that's easy for you to open, but tough for the bear

  • Keeps food fresh in and odors out—Water/air tight gasket locks in freshness and prevent odors that attract bears

    • Keeps bears out— Polycarbonate materials and smooth design offer no ridges for bear to get its claws into.  No risk of losing food from poor external attachment

      • Easy to locate— High contrast orange color is visible from a distance

        Bear Safe Insider Specifications


        Capacity: - 3.13 gal / gal — 11.86 L — 734.64 Cubic Inches

        Material(s): - Polycarbonate

        Dimensions: – 9.21” x 6.02” x 18.91”
        Weight: – 3.0 lbs.

        Item #: FBS-100