Tru Flare 12 Gauge Bear Banger Ammunition

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The Tru Flare 12 Gauge Bear Banger is one of the longest range and loudest Bear Bangers on the market giving you the ability to scare bears, cougars and other wildlife from a distance.

Having this product fired from a 12 gauge firearm allows for great accuracy and placement of the deterrent. Once fired the BearBanger travels for 60m (198ft) before exploding with an extremely loud bang. Commonly used in conjunction with 12 Gauge Rubber Slug Ammunition as a non-lethal, firearms based solution for bear and wildlife control.

5 Per Box.

Must be used in an open choke shotgun.


  • For use with 12 gauge, open choke shotguns only
  • 2 3/4 shell
  • Packaged in 5 per box
  • Travels approx 60m (198ft) or 3 sec before exploding

English SDS sheet

French SDS sheet