Record Cracker Shell

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Record Cracker shells must be used with Record pistol and they require 6mm (.22cal) Starter Blanks to be used.  See instructions below.  Starter blanks are used to ignite the Bear banger shells used in the Record Pistols.  

The 15mm Record Cracker Shell is your way to alert or scare bears and other animals before they get too close for comfort. Packaged in boxes of 50 this is our most economical option for animal scaring.

Not just for bears and cougars, this product is very popular amongst those who needing to scare birds, coyotes, elk, deer and other animals.

The Record Cracker Shell produces a high-pitched screeching noise throughout the flight.


  • Works with Record Pistol and 6mm (.22cal) blanks
  • Packaged in 50 per box
  • Travels 76-91m (250-300ft)
  • Cartridge weight: 7g (0.3oz)
  • Cartridge size: Length- 5.7cm (2.2") Diameter- 1.4cm (0.6")

Record Crackers SDS sheet

French - Instructions on how to use the Record Pistol

English - Instructions on how to use the Record Pistol