Rattle Free Cyclist Singletrack Bear Spray Bike Holster

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Cyclists and Mountain Bikers struggle with how to carry bear spray.  You want your bear spray to be accessible yet secure, safe and rattle free.  

The Kodiak Wildlife Singletrack Holster allows you to carry bear spray in either:

1. Your standard water bottle cage

2. Use the zip tie points to attach to your bike frame for easy access when you need it. 

Durable plastic offers added protection for your bear spray from falls and impacts. 


  • Fits 225g and 230g bear spray canisters
  • Friction fit design allows for easy assembly 
  • Works with standard water bottle cages
  • Attachment points to zip tie to your frame
  • Durable plastic protects your bear spray
  • Made in Canada
  • 5.5" Tall, 2-3/4" diameter