225g Kodiak Wildlife Adventure Bear Spray Holster - Black

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New slimmer design. 

Bear spray is only as useful as your ability to access it when needed. During a dangerous bear or wildlife encounter you may not have time to dig around in your pack for your bear spray.

The Adventure Bear Spray Holster is our toughest holster that will go with you wherever you need it. The durable polyester material encloses and protects your bear spray while still allowing for access.  The Velcro loop on the back allows for easy attachment to your belt, backpack or other convenient location.


  • 225g
  • Tough, lightweight, quality double stitched Nylon holster with excellent longevity
  • Velcro belt loop for easily attaching to belt or backpack
  • Velcro closure to protect your bear spray from misfires while in rough terrain or working
  • 10.25" tall x 2.75" wide
  • SKU: KH-001 (225g)