Bears are busy this season

Bears are busy this season

We hope you're enjoying the health benefits of the outdoors this season.  

We're hearing so many stories from bear encounters this year.  One friend was biking, came over a hill and surprised a black bear.  Hitting their brakes, they flew over the handle bars and almost landed on the bear that thankfully scurried away. 

There's so many reports of bears, Grizzly bears and cubs etc. this season as bears continue to frequent the valley bottoms and even neighborhoods.

As you enjoy the outdoors this season, it's important to be prepared to encounter a bear in your adventures.  Even your most regular walk, run, trail run or bike ride could lead to a bear encounter.

Carry bear spray where you can access it in a second.  Make noise, travel in groups and enjoy this incredible time of year.

Be Outdoors.  Be Prepared.