COVID-19 Update - Kodiak Wildlife Products

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COVID-19 Update - Kodiak Wildlife Products

Glad to see so many people enjoying the outdoors and the mental and physical health it brings.  

Kodiak Wildlife continues to regularly sanitize work spaces, tools, doors, handles etc. and check temperatures before shifts to ensure your products are safe to enjoy and keep you safe in the outdoors.  

Kodiak Wildlife ships across Canada.  Bear and wildlife encounters are frequent.  Please be mindful that bears and other wildlife are also enjoying the outdoors with you.  Carry bear spray on you and somewhere you can access it in a split second.  We've heard too many stories of bear spray in backpacks when you need it the most!  Belt holster, chest holster, adventure running belt and the One Second Counts cradle are all good options.  Practice pulling your bear spray out so you can do it quickly when it counts and ensure you know how to use your bear spray.

Here's a great short video on how to use bear spray:

We continue to see some minor delays in shipping to certain locations across Canada as couriers continue to manage high volumes due to the large increase of online orders.  Kodiak Wildlife is shipping out your order the same day or the next day depending on when your order comes in.  Any weekend orders ship out on the first work day following the weekend.

Wishing everyone mental and physical health.

Kodiak Wildlife Products

Be Outdoors.  Be Prepared.